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Atlas Copco Vacuum Pumps

The GV 20-300 pumps use the traditional and multi-application proven oil-injected vane technology known from many vacuum applications.

GV 20-300 pumps are technologically advanced, durable and reputable devices.

The series of GV 20-300 pumps uses a number of innovative and innovative solutions that ensure the highest efficiency at the lowest operating costs.

As standard, the pumps are equipped with a built-in gas ballast to prevent the condensation of the vapors inside the pump.

Another solution is the oil recovery and recirculation system, which means that the units are designed for continuous operation from 400 mbar (a) up to the maximum vacuum level.

The oil separation system of the GV pumps has been fully optimized, thanks to which the vapor content in the air at the pump outlet is kept to a minimum.

The applied non-return valve protects the pump element against reverse rotation in a situation when the pump is stopped without prior venting.

In addition, this valve also prevents oil from being sucked backwards.

With their extremely efficient vacuum generation, the GV 20-300 pumps are the perfect solution for demanding applications such as packaging, wood, rubber, plastic, electronics, paper and printing, material handling and more. A wide range of eight devices with a capacity of 20 to 365 m³ / h allows you to easily select the appropriate model for a given application.

Advantages of Atlas Copco vacuum pumps:

  • Simple installation thanks to the compact, space-saving design
  • High reliability thanks to the robust housing and optimal oil recovery in the entire range of generated vacuum
  • Optimally selected shaft speeds ensure long operation without frequent maintenance
  • Low noise and vibration levels of all series models.
  • GV 20-300 Series Vane Vacuum Pumps are delivered to the customer complete with all the accessories and options needed for most vacuum applications.
  • Atlas Copco vacuum pumps are supplied to customers fully equipped for most applications: Oil separator, Ballast valve, Engine, Inlet check valve, Oil supplied separately, Inlet filter (GV 25-300)