Pneumatic screwdrivers dedicated to workshop work

Pneumatic screwdrivers dedicated to workshop work

SUMAKE CS series screwdrivers are the perfect choice for workshop work where universal tools are needed. Thanks to a wide range of torque (0.6 - 9.0 Nm), they can be used for both precise and more powerful work.

Features of CS screwdrivers:

  • < b> Low vibration New patented clutch for less vibration.

  • Ease of use: One-handed reversing of rotation direction.

  • Weight: Thanks to the modern design, SUMAKE screwdrivers are 25% ~ 44% lighter than competitors' screwdrivers.

  • < b> Power: Motor power output is 30% greater than other manufacturers' tools
  • Ergonomics: Thermoplastic elastomer handle and balance of the screwdrivers ensure a firm grip .

  • All models have Polish manual and CE certificate.

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