BEKO dehumidifiers - Refrigeration - Dehumidifiers

BEKO dehumidifiers - Refrigeration - Dehumidifiers

Highly efficient design of BEKO dehumidifiers

Provides reliable and economical operation. Its main advantages are vertical positioning of the heat exchanger with a top-down condensate flow (the best solution, compliant with the laws of physics), a stainless steel demister for precise condensate separation and a large condensate trap to prevent re-entrainment of condensate.

By eliminating unnecessary changes in the direction of the compressed air flow, the DRYPOINT® RA dryer is particularly energy-efficient.

Additional advantages are:
  • Permanently low dew point
  • Almost 99% separation droplets
  • No compressed air losses
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs.
  • Advantages of DRYPOINT ® RA

  • Best dehumidification thanks to a highly efficient combination of heat exchangers
  • Lowest pressure loss, even with varying loads
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Cost effective, lower electricity consumption
  • Includes BEKOMAT®
  • Environmentally friendly refrigeration