SUMAKE Pneumatic tools

The SUMAKE pneumatic tool is a wide group of tools that are powered by compressed air supplied by an air compressor. These tools allow for high power and efficiency with low power consumption, which in the long term significantly contributes to savings in the form of energy costs.

They are also characterized by a long service life and significantly lower weight and dimensions in relation to power tools. Due to the ergonomic design and efficiency, the operator's work becomes lighter and thus more effective. Properly selected tools with the supply of treated air and lubrication will allow for many years of work without costly repairs.

Another very important advantage is safety in operation and maintenance, there is no risk of short circuit and electric shock. This allows them to be used in places where power tools cannot work. In particular, the manufacturer is referring to a working environment with a high degree of humidity or an increased risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, the Sumake pneumatic tool set is sometimes the only solution to use their production line due to the health and safety or fire protection requirements.

Professional air tools have a higher power-to-weight ratio, allowing a smaller, lighter tool to do the same job. They are less breakdown and easier and cheaper to repair compared to their substitutes. They only require adequate pressure and regular lubrication in the form of oil mist, which is delivered in the installation through the so-called oil lubricators. There are also specialized oil-free air tools that do not require lubrication.

Our offer includes proven SUMAKE tools that are appreciated by customers, supported by many years of experience and the presence in our wide range of products.
SUMAKE is one of the more famous manufacturers and exporters of air tools in the world.

Its offer includes a wide range of pneumatic tools used in industrial and workshop conditions. The technological solutions patented by SUMAKE, as well as the simple and reliable construction of the tools manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, guarantee failure-free and comfortable operation even in the toughest conditions. All tools are CE certified.

Pneumatig is the official representative and distributor of SUMAKE in Poland. Thanks to this, our store can offer you tools at the best prices. Many years of cooperation with SUMAKE allowed us to gain a lot of valuable experience. Thanks to it, we can provide professional help and technical advice in the selection of the device.

Air Tools SUMAKE - General Information

All tools are covered by a one-year warranty. SUMAKE also provides us with a constant supply of spare parts and auxiliary accessories, thanks to which we offer fast service and professional post-warranty support.

In each of the following groups of pneumatic tools, both workshop and specialized tools for industrial work are available.

The main groups of tools in our offer include:

  • straight, pistol, angle and pulse screwdrivers
  • drills
  • drills and drivers
  • angle, straight, spindle, oscillating, eccentric and belt grinders
  • pneumatic impact, angle and pulse wrenches
  • air polishers
  • pneumatic needle and finger hammers and chisels
  • staplers and pinchers
  • jigsaws, saws and files
  • pneumatic riveters and pincers
  • pumping, blowing, purge and plastering guns
  • support arms, balancers
  • oil pumps

In summary, SUMAKE pneumatic tools will meet the customer's requirements by offering a wide range of products that are characterized by:

  • high power and efficiency
  • ergonomic design ensuring comfort and efficiency of work
  • long service life and low operating costs
  • work safety, no electricity
  • access to spare parts and service
  • attractive price and availability.

If you need help in choosing the right tool for your pneumatic system, please contact our sales advisors.


    • Are SUMAKE air tools durable?

      Yes, tools are durable, but remember to use them correctly and select the right tool for the job. An important element here is determining the power, speed, etc. Another very important element is to ensure the proper source of air supply. It must have the appropriate pressure as specified by the manufacturer, the degree of cleaning through the use of filters in the installation and lubrication. Meeting these requirements and proper operation will allow for a long service life of pneumatic tools.
    • Is there access to service and spare parts?

      Our offer includes constant access to spare parts and a service that will allow for quick implementation of the warranty and post-warranty service.
    • What parameters should you pay attention to when buying air tools?

      First, check the air demand in l / min so that the power source, which is the compressor, supplies the right amount of air and the required pressure in bar. The next stage is their intended use, e.g. when choosing SUMAKE pneumatic screwdrivers, the speed and force in Nm should be selected to ensure their correct operation. It should also be remembered that it should not work at extreme torque values.