Industrial straight screwdrivers

Industrial straight screwdrivers

Screwdrivers of the CP series (former HP and SP) are screwdrivers operating in the PUSH-START system, thanks to which the screwdriver starts automatically when pressing down. The SHUT OFF system ensures that the screwdriver is automatically switched off after reaching the preset torque.

The CL series screwdrivers are operated manually with a lever. The SHUT OFF system ensures that the screwdriver is automatically turned off after reaching the preset torque.

Features of CP / CL screwdrivers:

  • Accuracy: SUMAKE companies have a patented clutch with 3% torque deviation, thus guaranteeing the best quality.
  • Economical: Wide torque range and longer engine life .
  • Technology: Specially designed motor ensures low noise, low vibration and high accuracy.
  • Easy operation: The design of SUMAKE screwdrivers is easy and intuitive to use.
  • Comfort: Soft resin handle , ergonomic shape and proper balance of the screwdriver ensure comfortable work.
  • Fix Torque System: Provides easy and quick torque change for the operator, without the need to use additional tools.
  • Label zenie of torque: SUMAKE screwdrivers are equipped with colored caps, thanks to which we can easily and quickly mark the torque set by the operator. This makes it easier to work on the production lines.
  • Best Choice: The CP and CL series screwdrivers won the "Excellent Tool" award at the Japan 2002 Osaka exhibition.
  • Convenience: The screwdrivers are equipped with handles enabling the assembly of balancers, which makes it much easier for the operator to work, for example, on production lines, increasing production efficiency. p>
  • Due to the fact that the CP series screwdrivers are trustworthy products, they are chosen by large industrial plants where the equipment must function reliably and guarantee the continuity of production regardless of the working conditions of the tool.

    All models have Polish manual and CE certificate.