Straight pneumatic screwdrivers

Today, many professionals appreciate the tools that make their work easier. Thanks to them, they can provide services to their clients more effectively and save time and thus money. Such devices include, among others pneumatic screwdrivers. Although for many years all kinds of power tools, the main source of which are electric current, have been in the forefront in this segment, recently, due to their functionality, they have been replaced by their pneumatic namesakes.

Sumake straight air screwdriver

One of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic straight screwdrivers is Sumake. The tools of this Taiwanese manufacturer are made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, these devices, if properly used, will serve us for a very long time. What's their secret? It is primarily a power source. Unlike other devices, it is not electric, but compressed air. It is thanks to him that they are, among others much safer and more convenient. In addition, their great advantage is a very low failure rate, shape and great convenience in their use. All these elements make Sumake screwdrivers meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

The principle of operation of a pneumatic screwdriver

The operation of the air screwdriver is similar to that of all other air tools. It operates on a special mechanism that, under the influence of compressed air, sets our screwdriver in motion and at a certain moment closes the air supply when we want to stop or finish work. Thanks to this, our device is very convenient and economical to use. An important element that we should pay attention to when choosing air tools is the clutch. It is on him that the precision of our device depends to a large extent. Currently, there are two types of it on the market. The first is Shut - Off, which is found in more professional tools, and the second is frictional. In addition, attention should be paid to the speed of air flow. Why? Because the bigger it is, the more powerful our device will work. Another important component is the power source. A properly matched compressor to our screwdriver will allow us to optimize its work.

Where can we use pneumatic screwdrivers?

Pneumatic screwdrivers are very versatile devices. They can be used in many industries. From construction, to car, to carpentry. Thanks to it, we can screw in various types of bolts, screws or even sheet metal screws. They are also reliable when disassembling various elements. In addition, pneumatic straight screwdrivers have their own specialization. It can be used, inter alia, in hard-to-reach places and industrial plants where high precision is required.

A pneumatic screwdriver equipped by every specialist

Air tools are highly professional devices. They also include straight screwdrivers. Thanks to them, work for every specialist becomes a great pleasure. However, before the future user decides to buy this tool, he should check its parameters carefully. The most important are, among others the sum of revolutions per second, torque or air flow rate. It is important that our screwdriver is also equipped with a Shut - Off clutch. It mainly depends on how precise our tasks are. All these elements mean that a straight pneumatic screwdriver should not be missing from any professional.

Convenience and functionality

Do you remember how much you had to struggle to screw in one screw using old tools? With the Sumake straight air screwdriver you can forget about it. Hard-to-reach places will no longer be a problem for you. All thanks to the small and light construction of the Sumake device. It does not have a built-in large motor and other electrical components, and does not need space for a battery. You can work with it even in the biggest nooks and crannies. Their advantage is the low failure rate, which gives them a significant advantage over power tools. All thanks to the simple maintenance of the device, which can be carried out by the user himself. These tools are also perfect for all conditions, both on the construction site and, for example, in a car repair shop.

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts

Straight pneumatic screwdrivers are not only devices for professionals. They are excellent tools that can also be used at home by DIY enthusiasts. They are perfect for e.g. various renovation works and minor repairs of household appliances. Then the potential user can choose the model that will be optimal for the work he performs. Such a wide selection of different models of devices is also given to us by the Taiwanese manufacturer Sumake.

Safety and ergonomics

Straight pneumatic screwdrivers meet all health and safety and fire protection rules. Thanks to this, we are not exposed to e.g. burns or electric shock. They can also be a reliable alternative to workplaces where electrical devices cannot be used for safety reasons. In addition, they meet all safety standards, as evidenced by, inter alia, CE certificate. Straight pneumatic screwdrivers are not only about safety, but also ergonomics at work, which is underlined by many professionals today. The easy-to-use and perfectly profiled handle allows for precise operation of the tool. In addition, during long work in uncomfortable conditions, we will not feel pain in the hand as quickly as after using traditional tools. In addition, we should remember that the Sumake company meets the ISO 9001 standards. Thanks to this, in the production of pneumatic screwdrivers, it met all the highest standards and used the latest technology and high-class materials.

Simple Pneumatic Screwdrivers - Frequently Asked Questions

    • What components should you pay attention to when buying pneumatic screwdrivers?

      One of the most important features that we should pay attention to when selecting a device are its parameters. To do this, however, we must define what we need it for. If, for example, the motivation for our purchase is home DIY, then we do not have to buy a much more expensive high-speed tool. These will be a reliable solution in all types of professional workshops, e.g. car or carpentry. Another important element is the clutch. It is responsible for the precise execution of our work. At present, those with the Shut - Off system are best suited to this task. Another important feature when selecting a pneumatic straight screwdriver is the brand. Currently, one of the leading manufacturers of this type of tools is the Taiwanese company Sumake.
    • Do Pneumatic Straight Screwdrivers Have a Long Service Life?

      Yes, simple pneumatic screwdrivers are mechanical tools with a long service life. This provides them, inter alia, simple construction. They do not have, among others, no electrical components, such as in power tools. In addition, uncomplicated operation and easy maintenance ensure trouble-free operation. As a result, properly operated devices can work efficiently for many years, even after the end of the warranty. Added to this are the high-quality materials that Sumake air tools are made of. It is thanks to them, among others it's hard to damage them.
    • Are Pneumatic Straight Screwdrivers Safe?

      This is one of the safest mechanical devices. This is due to many factors. First of all, they are not powered by electricity. Thanks to this, we are not exposed to electric shock, burns if the device overheats or fire if there is a short circuit of the electric current. In addition, thanks to its low weight and dimensions, we are able to work with it for many hours without risking various types of overload and injuries. This also makes our air tools safer than an ordinary screwdriver because it is easier for us to control. We should also remember that Sumake devices are CE marked. This gives us a full guarantee that they meet all the requirements and directives of the European Union regarding safety.