Pneumatic needle hammer

Pneumatic needle hammer

Needle hammer - what do you need to know about it?

A needle hammer works well wherever we deal with metal processing. It is used both in small workshops and in large industry. If you are considering buying a good-quality needle hammer, you should first learn about its operation and the technical specifications of this type of device.

Needle hammer - what does it look like and where is it useful?

A needle hammer is a simple tool that everyone has seen, at least several times in their life. The needle hammer mechanism is enclosed in an elongated housing. At one end of the device there is usually a button for turning the hammer on and off, while on the other side there are the needles with a needle guard above them. Under the housing there is an uncomplicated mechanism - hammer head, spring, piston and other parts that allow the device to work.

As in the case of other tools, an important element of needle hammer operation is the maintenance of the device and possible repairs. In this case, it is worth taking care of the needles on an ongoing basis. The replacement of this element is very simple. Just turn off the device and disconnect it from the power source. Then release the fastening hook and remove the hammer head cover. At this point, you can remove the head along with the needles and the spring, which you also take off before replacing the needles. Then, check the condition of the needles and replace them with new ones if they are worn or damaged. Then they are placed in the hole in the head, the spring is put on and the mechanism is put back in the cover. Finally, it is enough to adjust the position of the hammer head to the piston and close the housing using the catch.

Before using the machine, it is always a good idea to check that it is assembled correctly and that the hammer needles are in good condition. Thanks to this, you can be sure that working with a tool, such as a needle hammer, will be carried out in a safe manner. As part of maintenance, it is also worth taking care of the cleanliness of the device after each use. This will keep the tool in good condition for many years.

In addition, when using this type of tools, it is worth remembering about the rules of safety at work, work clothes and the appropriate adaptation of the workplace to the activities that we intend to undertake.

A needle hammer is widely used wherever work with metals of various types takes place. Devices of this type are used both in small workshops and in large factories. Their versatility is related to the fact that they are used to clean almost all metal surfaces from various types of contamination. They perfectly cope with limescale, rust or scale, as well as with paint. They clean the surface in seconds. This is a special advantage, especially in the context of difficult to remove scale, which is the result of gas corrosion. This type of contamination occurs when a heated metal element is exposed to air. Scale is, in practice, a layer of metal oxides that accumulates on the surface of the sheet in the form of flakes or coatings, making it difficult to work, and may even be considered a product defect. The ease of removing this type of contamination with a needle hammer is a huge advantage, which brings with it such a device in our workshop.

An additional advantage of the needle hammer is the fact that it perfectly adapts to work on irregular and deformed surfaces, which translates into the correct removal of dirt even from hard-to-reach surfaces. What's more, the ergonomic shape and simple shape allow for comfortable work with the device, even in the recesses of the sheet. In addition, the needle hammer is a lightweight device, which allows you to work with it for a long time without the employee feeling tired.

Needle hammers are used both in the repair of motor vehicles and in the maintenance of ship hulls. We can find this type of equipment in steel mills, foundries, production plants, construction industry plants and automotive workshops. Needle hammers are also perfect for finishing work on rough surfaces. It is worth knowing that the needle hammer can also be used in the processing of concrete and stone. For this reason, it can be used wherever elements made of hard materials are used.

Pneumatic hammer - principle of operation

The pneumatic needle hammer is perfect for most places where the use of this type of tool is required. The principle of operation of a jackhammer is extremely simple. The device uses compressed air to force the plunger to move back and forth, resulting in the needles hitting the surface to be cleaned. In addition to the pneumatic hammer, to use this type of device, we also need a compressor that will provide the necessary compressed air to the mechanism.

A pneumatic needle hammer is a universal tool that can not only remove scale or rust from metal surfaces, but can also cut, puncture and even chisel. It is possible thanks to the use of interchangeable tips.

When choosing this type of tool, it is worth paying attention to the level of generated noise. This can be a very important argument for choosing a specific model of a jackhammer. This decision is likely to depend on the workplace where the hammer will be used. The length of the stroke, the number of beats per minute and the working pressure are equally important aspects. By selecting the device best suited to the individual needs of a specific workplace, you can enjoy a pneumatic needle hammer, which will perfectly cope with even the most difficult finishing works. When calculating the operating costs of a jackhammer, it is also worth considering the amount of air used during operation.

The great advantage of choosing a pneumatic needle hammer is the fact that air tools are characterized by high reliability. Due to the use of compressed air and a simple mechanism of operation, they are very easy to use and maintain, and are also considered failure-free. The uncomplicated construction of the pneumatic hammer means that the device does not break down too often, and possible failures are very easy to fix. For this reason, the pneumatic needle hammer is a purchase for many years, which may turn out to be a bull's eye.

Electric needle hammer

Another type of needle hammer is the electric needle hammer, which is powered by a battery. This type of device uses electricity to move the needles at one end of the hammer. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the needles can rotate at different speeds.

The device comes closer to metal surfaces, and the movement of the needles driven by the electric drive breaks off pieces of paint or rust. The use of a hammer driven in this way allows you to work faster than with a jackhammer. An electric needle hammer is great for cleaning or finishing large areas of metal. Like the pneumatic version, this type of hammer is suitable for working on hard-to-reach surfaces because it has an ergonomic shape and is adapted to work in specific conditions.

However, it is worth knowing that the electric hammer, due to the power supply in the form of a battery, does not allow us to work as long as a pneumatic needle hammer. The battery may run out fairly quickly. In addition, the electrical device is more complicated in terms of construction. The electric needle hammer, equipped with numerous components, can overheat during an excessively long working session, which translates into more frequent breaks or the risk of damaging the equipment.

Moreover, due to the more complicated design, the electric needle hammer is more expensive. I am talking not only about the price of the product itself, but also about the operating costs of the device. Battery replacement, more complicated device maintenance and more frequent repairs make the use of an electric needle hammer much more expensive. A jackhammer is much easier to repair than an electric version of this device.

Choosing an electric needle hammer makes sense in a situation where in our plant the needle hammer is used sporadically, and we do not have a prepared pneumatic installation. In this case, the electric version may be more convenient, and due to the infrequent use of the device, the costs will not be that high. However, when the needle hammer in our workshop is used very often, it is worth investing in a pneumatic needle hammer. This type of device is a guarantee of high quality and reliability at relatively low cost.

Reliable needle hammers are certainly ST-2559 and ST-2553, commonly recommended Sumake brand, which meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. It is worth noting that due to the fact that they are needle pistol hammers, they are perfect for reaching even the most difficult to reach nooks and crannies. Thanks to this, they allow you to remove rust or scale, even from sheet metal bends or stone surfaces. The pistol shape of the devices makes them not only precise, but also very comfortable for employees. The ergonomic housing of the pneumatic needle hammer makes working with these hammer models easy. These types of tools are designed for long work sessions, even on difficult surfaces. Another advantage of Sumake needle hammers is that they are characterized by a very solid workmanship. High-quality hammers ensure that they will be used in our workshop for many years.

The pneumatic needle hammer ST-2553 is equipped with 28 needles and achieves a speed of 3800 strokes per minute. In contrast, the ST-2559, also equipped with 28 needles, reaches 3,000 beats per minute. Both models have an air consumption of 250 liters per minute. This specification confirms the high quality and functionality of Sumake needle hammers, which, thanks to the high number of strokes per minute, excel at working on large work surfaces.

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