ACP industrial pneumatic screwdrivers

ACP industrial pneumatic screwdrivers

ACP series screwdrivers - These are professional screwdrivers with an aluminum housing, intended for work in production conditions, they are the equivalent of [APP screwdrivers] (category / 382), but they are started manually by pressing a button. p >

The aluminum housing ensures resistance to damage caused by falls, impacts, shocks, etc., while ensuring low weight of the device.

Features of ACP screwdrivers:

  • New generation motor: Series screwdrivers SUMAKE ACP has 30% more power than other manufacturers' screwdrivers.
  • Technology: A specially designed motor ensures low noise, low vibration and high accuracy.
  • Ease of use: The design of SUMAKE screwdrivers is easy and intuitive to use.
  • Comfort: Thanks to the patented design and the highest quality materials, these screwdrivers are 25-44% lighter compared to other manufacturers' screwdrivers.

  • Reliability: Wyko nane made of aluminum alloy, special rubber grips are resistant to all kinds of damage and wear.
  • Fix Torque System: Provides easy and quick torque change for the operator , without the need for additional tools ..
  • Convenience: ACP series screwdrivers are equipped with handles enabling the installation of balancers, which makes it easier for the operator to work e.g. production lines, increasing production efficiency.
  • All models have Polish manual and CE certificate.