Compressed Air Catalytic Converters

Compressed Air Catalytic Converters

Bekokat - Oil-free compressed air from an oil compressor.

Bekokat is a catalytic converter that allows you to obtain oil-free and sterile air from an oil-lubricated compressor. This process is based on certified catalysis technology.

The BEKOKAT ® catalyst sets new standards in this regard by completely converting hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water through complete oxidation in the catalyst. This produces oil-free compressed air with a maximum residual oil content of 0.003 milligrams per cubic meter, which means that BEKOKAT ® supplies air of higher quality than required by class 1 (0.01 mg / m³) for a residual oil content in the compressed air ; it is a quality class often required in particularly sensitive production processes, e.g. in the food, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics industries.

The BEKOKAT ® device is installed as a stand-alone solution after the compressors or directly at the compressed air intake point.

The ambient air drawn in by compressors is always loaded with hydrocarbons in the ambient air. And that means even oil-free compressors are not in

capable of delivering truly oil-free air, and in this case as well, appropriate treatment systems must be used.

In the catalytic process of compressed air preparation, hydrocarbons in the compressed air are split into carbon dioxide and water. Due to

high temperature of the catalysis process, above 150 ° C, the compressed air leaving BEKOKAT ® is free of germs, bacteria and viruses.

The main source of oil in compressed air is the compressor: in oil-lubricated compressors, some of the oil from the lubrication system always enters the compressed air. To prevent this from happening, the installation of oil-free compressors is a common procedure. The use of this type of compressors, however, does not guarantee no compressed air, as they are additional sources of contamination of the compressed air by oil and steam

The hydrocarbons are drawn in by the compressor with the ambient air and also from lubricated valves or from contaminants in the pipelines.

We can offer BEKOKAT for flows from 18 to 1,200 m3 / h, with a working pressure of 11 or 16 bar. These devices are powered by a voltage of 230V / 50Hz / 1Ph for the smallest BEKOKAT 18 model or with a voltage of 400V / 50Hz / 3Ph for other models.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of BEKOKAT catalytic converters.