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  1. Atlas Copco G 7 compressor
    Atlas Copco G 7 compressor
    EUR 8,106.08 EUR 6,590.31
  2. Atlas Copco G 11 compressor
    Atlas Copco G 11 compressor
    EUR 8,978.31 EUR 7,299.44
  3. Atlas Copco G 15 compressor
    Atlas Copco G 15 compressor
    EUR 8,548.39 EUR 6,949.91
  4. Sprężarka Atlas Copco G11FF-10-TM500
    Sprężarka Atlas Copco G11FF-10-TM500
    EUR 11,991.85 EUR 9,749.47

4 Items

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Atlas Copco screw compressors

The new Atlas Copco G series of compressors has been designed to work in harsh conditions while ensuring durability, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

G series compressors are standard equipped with:

  • The latest version of the screw module,
  • Electric motor with IP55 protection class that meets the highest efficiency standards IEEE Premium,
  • Bearings that do not require relubrication,
  • Elektronikon controller,
  • Air-oil separator,
  • Intake air filter.

Atlas Copco G-series rotary screw compressors - Information

G series oil-injected screw compressors are energy-saving, durable devices that can work directly at the receiving station, which allows you to reduce costs resulting from air losses in the case of large installations.

G series compressors have been designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of even the most unfavorable operating conditions, while ensuring quiet operation (noise level does not exceed 67 and 71 dB (A).

G7-15 series compressors offer trouble-free operation thanks to their manufacture in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 1217.

In the standard version, these devices are adapted to work in ambient temperatures up to 46 ° C and are available both as a compressor (Pack) and a compressor with an integrated dryer (Full Feature).