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Atlas Copco FX refrigeration dryers. Industrial quality, simple, reliable

The FX range of refrigeration dryers offers a reliable, simple and cost-effective solution. In order to avoid condensation in the pneumatic system and thus corrosion and losses, the compressed air must be dried. FX dehumidifiers are ideal for this.

These simple and reliable devices remove moisture from compressed air, ensuring that your money does not fly into the air!

High quality

  • Stable pressure dew point
  • Condensed moisture does not freeze
  • Moisture has no chance of getting into the compressed air system
  • Simple and reliable
  • Components of the highest quality, appropriately selected in terms of efficiency
  • Simple, proven design
  • Effective regulation range (hot gas bypass) li>

    Simple installation

  • "Plug and play" system - ready to plug in and work
  • One electrical connection
  • Each unit factory tested li >

    Simple operation

  • Long service intervals
  • Few parts to replace
  • Ergonomic design - easy access to the main components of the dryer
  • Significant Savings

  • Increased Reliability and Durability of Operating Equipment
  • Reduced Network Leaks, Lower Energy Bills
  • Less repairs to tools, equipment and components in the compressed air network
  • Fewer plant downtime
  • Low probability of moisture damage to end product.
  • If For questions, please contact:
  • 8 58 622 49 22