Pneumatic safety valve

Pneumatic safety valve

In this part of our store you will find safety valves, which are very important elements of any pneumatic system.

Pneumatic safety valve - an important element of the installation

First of all, it is an element that prevents exceeding the permissible pressure value, thanks to which the entire system is adequately protected against overload, which helps to minimize the costs of repair and replacement of parts.

Pneumatic safety valve - operation

The feature of the safety valves is that their operation is not too complicated. When the permissible pressure standard is exceeded, the safety valve opens.

The main task of these devices is to react dynamically during a sudden pressure surge.

The valves are calibrated by the manufacturer, who does it on the basis of the applicable standards. Safety valves with soft drain

In our store you will find valves equipped with a soft release system and adjustment, which makes them much easier to use.

In addition, the products are PED / 97/23 / CE certified.