Worm clamps

Cable ties from the British company Jubilee. Made of galvanized steel, they are ideal for most applications in a variety of industries.

Original Jubilee Worm Clamps are manufactured to the highest standards, using only the highest quality materials. The entire production and packaging process is systematically controlled in terms of quality standards.

Jubilee spiral clamps are certified to BS 5315 (British Standard) - widely regarded as one of the most stringent quality standards - and DIN3017 to ensure dimensional standardization .

Another standard met by Jubilee worm clamps is SAE - the American Society of Automotive Engineers. The SAE J1508 standard specifies the space requirements for various types of cable ties. It allows designers to easily determine the type of clamp.

Jubilee clamps are salt spray tested (NSS) in accordance with BS EN ISO 9227 2006. Tests are performed in a closed chamber at 35 ° C in which a 5% NaCl solution is sprayed with a pH between 6.5 and 7.2.