Pneumatic manual valve

Pneumatic manual valve

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Pneumatic manual valve

The PMV valve series is somewhat unusual.

Products in this series must be completed by selecting the valve with the appropriate function and connection separately, and then selecting the desired control element.

The available control elements are a button (in several colors), a mushroom with or without a lock, and a switch. Quality and reliability are consistently guaranteed by YPC.

Each valve meets European ISO standards.

Manual pneumatic valve - parameters

  • The maximum operating pressure is 10 bar.
  • Flow from 200 l / min to 1000 l / min (at 5 bar pressure) depending on the valve model.
  • The temperature range is -10 to 60 ° C.
  • Valve housing: die-cast aluminum
  • Body: aluminum
  • Seals: rubber (NBR)
  • Spring: stainless steel
  • Button parts: stainless steel, POM
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