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  1. OGP oxygen generator 2
    OGP oxygen generator 2
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    OGP oxygen generator 3
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    OGP oxygen generator 4
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Atlas Copco OGP oxygen generators using the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology provide a constant supply of nitrogen and oxygen of the desired purity.

The solution to all your oxygen problems.

The OGP oxygen generator uses pressure swing adsorption technology to separate molecules in the compressed air and obtain high purity oxygen at the generator outlet.

The OGP series generators are an economical source of oxygen for applications such as water treatment, ozone production, health care and the glass industry.

The most important advantages of oxygen generators:

  • Exceptional reliability, durable construction, always ready to work (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • There is no risk of production interruptions due to the lack of gas supply
  • Adapted to OGP cleanliness requirements: oxygen concentrations from 90% to 95% ready for use only require a supply of dry compressed air
  • Plug-and-work design - no need for specialist installation and commissioning. Fully automatic operation and full monitoring system, including an oxygen sensor as standard.
  • Easy maintenance - cost savings, low operating costs, no additional costs such as ordering costs, refilling with consumables and shipping charges, reduced maintenance costs