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  1. WAN NK-30A screw compressor
    WAN NK-30A screw compressor
    EUR 3,847.44 EUR 3,128.00
  2. WAN NK-40 screw compressor
    WAN NK-40 screw compressor
    EUR 4,469.82 EUR 3,634.00
  3. WAN NK-60 screw compressor
    WAN NK-60 screw compressor
    EUR 5,629.71 EUR 4,577.00
  4. WAN NK-100 screw compressor
    WAN NK-100 screw compressor
    EUR 8,464.37 EUR 6,881.60
  5. WAN NK-160 screw compressor
    WAN NK-160 screw compressor
    EUR 11,598.90 EUR 9,430.00

5 Items

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WAN screw compressors

The WAN company has been a Polish manufacturer of compressors for over 60 years. WAN offers WAN-NK series screw compressors.

Compressors are characterized by low operating costs and durability. Compressors are available in a wide range of capacities from 24 to 770m³ / h depending on the installed engines (from 3 to 75kW) and nominal pressure (up to 15 bar).

WAN screw compressors - information

As standard, all screw compressors are equipped with microprocessor controllers that ensure economic and trouble-free operation.