Sumake industrial pneumatic drills

Sumake industrial pneumatic drills

Sumake industrial pneumatic drills

CDD and ADDN industrial drills

The drills of the CDD (composite) and ADDN (aluminum) series are designed to withstand continuous operation in harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to the high-quality aluminum and the composite from which the casings are made, the tools are resistant to falls, shocks and impacts. The drills are equipped with handles enabling the installation of balancers, which makes it easier for the operator to work, for example, on production lines, increasing production efficiency.

Features of CDD / ADDN screwdrivers:

Low vibration New patented clutch for less vibration.

Ease of use: Rotation can be changed with one hand.

Weight: Thanks to the modern design, SUMAKE screwdrivers are 25% ~ 44% lighter than competitors' screwdrivers. p> Power: The motor output power is 30% higher than in tools from other manufacturers

Ergonomics: The handle made of thermoplastic elastomer and the balance of the screwdrivers ensure a firm grip.

Our offer includes drills in a composite housing from the HDD series and drills in an aluminum casing from the ADDN series.