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Medical compressors Atlas Copco LFX MED

LFx MED - oil-free reciprocating compressors designed for medical and laboratory applications. The air used in dentists' offices, veterinary laboratories, clinics and hospitals must be of the highest quality. Thanks to the use of oil-free compressors of the LFx MED series, Atlas Copco meets the requirements of this market segment in 100%.

Patient safety, the service life of often very valuable medical devices and the reputation of your office or laboratory depend on the quality of the air used. Atlas Copco LFx MED compressors equipped with an integrated membrane dryer provide completely oil-free, dry and contamination-free air, making them the ideal tool to create a dry and oil-free working environment.

Atlas Copco is the first compressor manufacturer to be certified with a new industrial air purity standard: ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, i.e. completely oil-free.

Compact, compact design Atlas Copco LFx MED

The design of the Atlas Copco LFx MED and SF compressor allows it to be installed in virtually any - even a small dentist's office, laboratory or small clinic.

All this thanks to:

  • Compact compressor on the air reservoir
  • Low noise emissions
  • Fully integrated design, ready to install extensive accessories
  • Friendly operation and easy service access.

Medical Compressor - General information

Reliability in the supply of compressed air is essential to maintain continuous operation. The constantly growing market expectations, years of experience and applied technological innovations have made Atlas Copco a world leader in the production of compressed air equipment.

Our latest development - a small footprint, oil-free compact compressor - has once again proven the fact that it is possible to produce dry, clean and oil-free compressed air through a quiet, reliable and compact device.

A perfect complement to medical compressors are MED Atlas Copco sets, which allow you to obtain compressed air for medical purposes in accordance with the guidelines of the Pharmacopoeia standard.