Pneumatic workshop drills | Pneumatig Store

Pneumatic workshop drills | Pneumatig Store

Workshop drills that you will find in this category are solid and proven products. They are intended for occasional and occasional work - in small companies, small production plants or workshops.

The rotational speed of a standard Sumake workshop drill is in the range from 800 (slow-speed drills) to 2600 (high-speed drills). ./min. Almost every workshop drill also has a rotation direction switch and 10 mm or 13 mm drill chucks.

The Sumake designers, when creating pneumatic workshop drills, aimed to create reliable and cost-effective tools. Due to the latter requirement in particular, the use of expensive composite materials has been avoided, opting for steel and aluminum, which slightly increases the weight of the screwdrivers available here. A solid structure, proven, tested mechanisms and drive guarantee that our workshop drills are reliable and useful in a variety of applications.

An interesting item is a workshop drill with [model ST-4233HC-26] (product / 1909). Its main advantage, apart from an attractive rotational speed (2600 rpm), is a relatively low noise level, as well as a comfortable, contoured handle made of comfortable rubber. This model should basically be in the [industrial drills] category (

Simple construction of drills and minimal number of gears and racks, greatly facilitate their service and maintenance. Service can usually be done on your own, as most of the time the problem is caused by contaminated air. In such a situation, unscrewing the drill and cleaning the parts solves the problem. In addition, our company also provides warranty and post-warranty service. All Sumake workshop drills are included.

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