Mounts for pneumatic cylinders

When buying a pneumatic cylinder , you should also plan how it will be stably and securely mounted. In our offer you will find a full range of ISO 15552, ISO 6432 and ISO 21287 cylinder mounts, with a diameter of 10 to 320 mm, which will allow the cylinder to be mounted in any position.

Mounted on the piston rod thread:

  • Rod ends - used to eliminate the stresses caused by misaligned mounting of the actuator.
  • Fork heads - enable the pivoting connection of the actuator with the actuator.
  • Flexible couplings - compensate for axial and angular stresses.

As standard, they are made of galvanized steel, we also have tips made of 304 stainless steel on request.

Mounted in the actuator mounting holes: Foot mounts and flange mounts: allow the actuator to be firmly and steadily mounted in a horizontal or vertical position. Fork clamps and spherical mountings: enable a movable, oscillating connection of the actuator with the actuator. As standard, they are made of high-quality aluminum, we also have fittings made of 304 stainless steel on request.

Piston position sensors

Each actuator manufactured by our company has a magnetic insert as standard and a T-groove, enabling the installation of a reed switch sensor. We offer two-wire and three-wire piston position sensors, terminated with an M8 connector, of various lengths and with a LED diode. If the sensor cable turns out to be too short, we have dedicated extensions for sensors.

Pneumatic piston rod locks

Pneumatic piston rod locks are used to mechanically stop the actuator piston rod at any point of its stroke, allowing for accurate positioning without the risk of damaging the piston rod surface. The locking force is always greater than that of the actuator at 10 bar. Intended for ISO 15552 and ISO 6432 series cylinders.


    • Do you offer stainless steel fasteners?

      Yes, we offer a full range of stainless steel fixings, but they are available on request.
    • Are the piston position sensors compatible with every cylinder?

      Yes, each cylinder we manufacture has a magnetic insert and a T-groove as standard, thanks to which you can easily and quickly install any piston position sensor.
    • Are the cylinder mounts universal and fit any cylinder?

      Our fasteners are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards. They fit all actuators, manufactured according to the standards: ISO 15552, ISO 6432 and ISO 21287.