PTFE teflon cables up to + 260C

PTFE teflon cables up to + 260C

Teflon hoses

In terms of chemical, thermal and pressure resistance, Teflon hoses are at the forefront of pneumatic hoses. They are resistant to almost all chemicals, including acids, bases and salts. PTFE tubing maintains its exceptional flexibility at very low (-60 ° C) and very high (260 ° C) temperatures.

Due to their structure, Teflon hoses can be used in contact with paints, adhesives and other highly viscous substances, these substances do not stick to the walls of the duct. Teflon is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, therefore it is approved for contact with food at high temperatures.

Characteristics of Teflon cables

  • Resistant to almost all chemicals.
  • Fully resistant to water absorption.
  • High sliding properties and abrasion resistance.
  • Tasteless, odorless, approved for contact with food.
  • Resistant to UV radiation.
  • Resistant to microorganisms.
  • They have the lowest coefficient of friction among solid substances.
  • The lowest dielectric factor of all plastics.
  • Continuous operating temperature from -60 ° C - + 260 ° C.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 20 bar.
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