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Plastering gun

Spray plaster guns are used to apply concrete masses, as well as plasters and structural paints. In this type of tools, the obtained effect (design) directly depends on the grain thickness, ie the diameter of the nozzle opening (nozzles are replaceable within the range specified in individual guns).

Sumake's range of pneumatic plaster guns includes several basic models. Thanks to the upper, gravity tank, the pneumatic plastering gun applies plasters in a traditional way. Each plastering gun has a normally open air valve, which ensures that the substance to be applied is always removed from the inside and will not clog the nozzle. The stroke of the valve can be regulated in the plastering guns, thanks to which we can control the amount of the administered mixture.

Plaster guns - differences

The main difference between the models of plaster guns comes down to the density of the spraying substance with which a given plaster gun can work freely. This density depends primarily on two factors - the size of the nozzle available for a given plastering gun and the range of pressures at which the gun works.

Before deciding which pneumatic plastering gun to choose, we suggest you read the requirements of the manufacturer of the spraying material that will be used. All plaster guns available in the offer have interchangeable nozzles and can work with variable pressure, therefore the range of the substances handled will be quite wide.

Spray plastering gun - pneumatic

If you have any additional questions about our plastering guns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Plastering guns - the most important properties

The most important advantages of our plastering guns are listed below:

  • Airtight container for plaster
  • Regulation of the amount of plaster applied - regulation of the stream shape
  • Smooth adjustment of the trigger stroke
  • Air flow regulating valve, external air connection 1/4 "
  • Low weight of the device