Water-oil separators are devices used for the effective separation of oil from the condensate.

After separation, the oil is collected and the condensate removed from the oil in the form of water can be discharged directly to the sewage system in accordance with the environmental protection regulations and ISO 14000 standard.

The disposal of condensate by external companies is complicated and costly, in addition, investments related to the control of the condition of the relevant tanks and monitoring devices as well as installation works constitute additional costs of condensate disposal.

Decentralized treatment of condensate at the point of its formation is a much more economical solution.

Our offer includes oil-water separators of two market-leading companies:

Atlas Copco OSC-type water-oil separators, which, thanks to the modern and patented by Atlas Copco technology of multi-stage oil separation from condensate using carbon and oleophilic filters, ensure condensate purification to a level below 15 mg / l and thus meeting the ISO 14000 standard.

BEKO company that produces reliable ÖWAMAT separators. The 25-year process of product modernization and improvement has enabled BEKO to set new standards in this industry field. ÖWAMAT devices are simple, reliable and efficient.