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Plug reducers PGJ

Plug reducers PGJ

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PGJ reducing couplings enable a very easy and quick reduction of the diameter of the conduit. With it, we can change the size of the cables used in the installation without the need to replace connectors.

We offer a wide range of quick-type plug-in grommets . The couplings are equipped with a mounting bracket, which guarantees quick and convenient installation of the coupler in the place of your choice.

  • After inserting the cable, they automatically retain their tightness.

  • Body made of high-quality polyamide (PA 66) and nickel-plated brass.

  • NBR sealing.

  • Working temperature from - 20 ° C to 80 ° C.

  • Working pressure from 0 to 12 bar.

  • These types of couplings are an ideal solution for polyurethane hoses , polyamide, polyethylene and Teflon.