Transair is an original modular system consisting of aluminum pipes and quick couplings, based on a quick connection system in plug-in technology. The Transair system is suitable for the installation of compressed air (dry, oily or humid inert gases, e.g. nitrogen, argon or CO2 (purity up to 99.99%) and vacuum (for a minimum pressure of 10 mbar abs).

Transair aluminum legris tubes

System components meet the requirements of ASME B31.3 and ASME B31.1, which define the minimum requirements for the design, materials, workmanship, assembly, testing and inspection of piping systems intended for industrial plants. Transair products have passed the tests and meet the most stringent requirements of ISO 8573 in terms of air quality for class 1-1-1. The pneumatic installation made of Transair pipes does not pollute the conveyed medium with solid particles, water or oil.