Pneumatic wrench

The pneumatic wrench is the perfect device for working where we need to use a lot of force. Thanks to compressed air, this tool allows us to easily perform this task without much effort. These devices are an excellent alternative to power tools. Why? Because they are equally reliable, convenient and very safe.

Thanks to their simple design, they are easy to use and easy to remove any defects. This makes it a very durable, efficient and economical tool. The compressed air wrench will be used not only in professional car workshops, to which it is especially dedicated, but also in industrial plants where we have a great need for screwing in and removing various types of screws. It will also be a reliable tool in our home workshops or garages and we can use it, among others when replacing wheels or spark plugs.

Today, we can find several types of these tools on the market. The most popular are, among others "Twinn Hammer", "Rocking Dog", "Jumbo Hammer", "Pin Clutch" "Pin Less" and "Double Hammer".

The pneumatic impact wrench is not the only option among air tools that we can find on the market. Increasingly, customers choose the impulse air wrench. Their main advantage is precision, light weight, low noise and vibration levels.

Thanks to this, the tool can be used for a long time in various conditions. It is a solution mainly used in industry where precision is required.

Air impact wrench - types of mechanisms

A pneumatic impact wrench is a device whose main source of power is compressed air, mainly produced by compressors and compressors. Although there are many electric equivalents of this tool on the market, it is worth paying attention to the air impact wrench. Why? There are many conditions that we mentioned earlier.

But first, let's learn how this key works. Compressed air is the main power source for these tools, like many other pneumatic devices. It is forced into it that sets the rotor in motion, which is placed in the cylinder. It is from there that all the energy that activates the other driving parts and the entire percussion mechanism of the device goes. Each key is based on a different mechanism. One of the most popular technologies used in this type of tool is "Twinn Hammer", which in a simple translation into Polish means a double hammer.

However, it is often referred to as a "double hammer". How does it work? As the name suggests, two hammers rotating in a closed system allow you to hit the ball with the right torque. The popularity of this solution is mainly due to its simple design. Additionally, they are easy to use and maintain on a daily basis. Their great advantage is also the relatively simple service, which means that they can serve us for a long time.

Another mechanism used in pneumatic impact tools is the "Rocking Dog". In contrast to the above-mentioned "Twin Hammer" it has only one rotary hammer. It is quite easy to use and has a lot of power. In addition, the relatively low price makes it a very competitive solution in this type of device. These elements mean that it is very often used, for example, in industry.

A similar mechanism to the "Twin Hammer" is the "Jumbo Hammer". The difference is that it is a solution based on not two but one hammer that achieves a lot of force. Like the above-mentioned devices, they are easy to use and do not require complicated servicing. Due to their efficiency, they are also used more frequently in industry.

Another interesting mechanism is the "Pin Clutch". Its main activity is to achieve a fast torque, during which two spindles move in a special cover. The wrench based on this mechanism is not intended for heavy work and should be provided with adequate lubrication.

"Pin Less", or the "pinless" mechanism. A completely different technology was used here than the one we mentioned earlier. It involves getting a lot of power from the hammer that rotates around the spigot. It doesn't need that pin or any other part, hence its name. It is used in heavy industry or in workshops dealing with the repair and service of trucks.

At the end we are left with "Double Hammer". Its mechanism is a single rotary hammer, which allows it to achieve high torsional torque. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use device that can be used both in car workshops and home garages.

Impact tools are available in the market in various sizes. In the online store you can buy a pneumatic impact wrench 1 ", 1/2" and 3/4 ". These are excellent Sumake tools that enjoy a long service life and a very reasonable price.

So what is a good air impact wrench to choose? This question is definitely wrongly posed. When choosing a pneumatic impact wrench, we should primarily be guided by the parameters of the tool. They should be selected mainly for the work we are going to do. A different key will be used in our garage or tire company, and another in the industry or in a truck servicing workshop.

Pneumatic wrenches - maintenance and their application

A pneumatic wrench, like many other compressed air devices, can serve us for many years, provided that they are properly used. This requires not only proper use for their intended purpose, but also maintenance. This is related to, inter alia, with the provision of an appropriate source of power, lubrication or the use of appropriate attachments. If we do not take care of these elements, our air wrench can quickly fail or be permanently damaged.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, just follow the rules of use proposed by the manufacturer of our tool.

One of the first elements that we should take care of is the appropriate compressor adapted to our device. It is responsible for generating energy for our device, ie compressed air. We must remember that it should be of adequate quality. The compressed air preparation unit is responsible for this. There, it is properly cleaned and dried, and then enriched with oil mist goes to our key so as to provide it with adequate lubrication in addition to power supply. We also cannot forget about the compressed air supply.

So about hoses, valves and various types of couplings. They should be in good technical condition. This is because not only the proper operation of our tools, but also our safety depends on it. Sockets are another important component that keeps your pneumatic impact wrenches working smoothly. You should not use any universal substitutes for them, only those specially dedicated to each device. It results, inter alia, it is because each cap is made differently.

Hence, using the wrong components may cause permanent damage to the tool.

In addition to the maintenance and proper use of the key, you should carefully pay attention to the conditions of its storage. Because if we do it in the wrong way, it may turn out that our tool is damaged in such a way that it will not be covered by the warranty. So what are these conditions? The key should be stored in a dry place without access to moisture that could have a negative impact on its work. There should also be no chemicals that could react with the device or its parts.

Where can the pneumatic wrench be used? Primarily in the automotive industry. It is an unreliable device that can find its place not only in factories producing cars, but also in workshops, vulcanization companies and services. No industrial factories, where there is a need to tighten various types of bolts or nuts, can do without this tool.

Pneumatic tools with lower power are a very interesting solution in our home garages or workshops. They will help us in minor restoration works or DIY.

SUMAKE Air wheel wrench

As we have already mentioned, the pneumatic wrench, despite its wide application, is often chosen by professionals from the automotive industry. Most often it is used to turn or unscrew wheel bolts. So what kind of pneumatic wheel wrench to choose?

It all depends on the parameters of the tool and its torque. It will be different for cars and trucks. Therefore, when choosing a pneumatic wrench, we should pay attention to such parameters as, among others torque, degrees of loosening and tightening, the need of the wrench for air or noise level. At the maximum torque, we must remember that the higher it is, it does not mean that the key will be better.

When we choose the optimal values of our tools, we can purchase such a pneumatic wrench for our workshop. The Tir should also be equipped with such a device. It is a truck that goes on long distances. Thanks to this solution, he could remove many faults without calling the service.

Pneumatic or impulse impact wrench

Pneumatic impact wrenches are extremely powerful due to their mechanism. As a result, they are very often chosen by customers. The impulse pneumatic wrench is a less powerful device, however, it allows you to work where precision is required. These devices are very comfortable with low noise and light weight. Thanks to these advantages, we gain great comfort of work.

What tool we choose should mainly determine the parameters and what the pneumatic wrench will be used for, because its price is not low. Hence, his choice should be well thought out. Some of the best devices of this type at the moment are Sumake spanners. They are available, inter alia, in our online store

Truck Air Wrench - Frequently Asked Questions

    • How to choose the right pneumatic wrench for your compressor?

      Each manufacturer of an air wrench should specify the air consumption of a given model. It is enough to compare this parameter with the efficiency of the compressor we have. In cases where the air wrench is used sporadically and not for continuous operation, the capacity of the compressor pump may be less than the wrench requirement. It would be good if the air tank had a minimum capacity of 100l.
    • What quality air should be supplied to the Air Wrench?

      Each manufacturer of pneumatic tools recommends that the air be filtered, lubricated with oil mist and has the appropriate pressure. Our offer includes air preparation units, which consist of 3 basic elements: reducer, filter and lubricator that dispenses the oil mist. The components of the impact wrenches must be lubricated with oil to prevent the mechanisms from seizing up. The air filter prevents water and solid particles from entering air tools, which could block the mechanisms. Air tool manufacturers specify the pressure at which air tools should operate. Therefore, a pressure reducer is also needed when connecting air wrenches to set the correct pressure.
    • Are spare parts available for air wrenches?

      Pneumatig runs the Sumake tool service. Our pneumatic wrenches are covered by the warranty and if they fail, we are obliged to repair the tool or replace it with a new one. We also offer post-warranty service of pneumatic tools and we also have an extensive warehouse of parts that we offer to customers.
    • Which cable to choose to connect air wrenches?

      The most important parameter of a hose for pneumatic tools is its capacity. It cannot be a too small conduit, because its capacity will be too small in relation to the air consumption of the air wrench. Our customers rely on spiral polyurethane hoses and reinforced polyurethane hoses, because they are characterized by high flexibility and thus offer little resistance when maneuvering the tool.
    • Are air wrenches safe?

      Definitely yes. Their main advantage is the compressed air supply. Hence, even in damp places, we can use the key without risking an electric shock, for example. Compared to their electric counterparts, the device does not heat up and there is no sparking in it, which would burn the operator. The big advantage of this solution is its ergonomics. Thanks to the low weight of the tool, we can work with it in various conditions, thus minimizing various types of injuries or strains.
    • Is every compressor suitable for powering an air wrench?

      We can only use a compressor with appropriate parameters for the pneumatic wrench. For example, a compressor with too small a reservoir may not generate the right amount of compressed air, and thus, the wrench will not reach the maximum torque. Thus, the efficiency of our device will drop and it will be of little use to us.
    • What to consider when choosing a pneumatic wrench?

      When choosing a pneumatic wrench, we should consider what we will need it for. Will it be a home garage where we do not need a high-power device or maybe a car repair shop that performs a bit more difficult work? A different key, on the other hand, will be needed for the service equipment for trucks, and yet another in an industrial plant where you need to perform which must be done precisely. When we answer this question, we have to choose not only a tool with good parameters, but also its accessories, such as a compressor, air preparation block or installations supplying compressed air to the key. For proper operation, it is worth equipping our wrench with caps that are intended for it. Tools of this type can be purchased in the online store, which has a wide range of pneumatic wrenches from the market-leading Sumake company.