Compact cylinders

Compact cylinders are a great solution wherever the installation site is very limited. Pneumatic cylinders of the CD series are made in accordance with the ISO 21287 standard, so you can be sure that the ordered cylinder will be compatible with the mounts you already have.

The components on the basis of which we build our ISO 21287 compact cylinders are ordered only from trusted European manufacturers. This guarantees the highest quality and durability of all our actuators. We provide 24-hour delivery for orders for basic versions of actuators.

Our offer consists of actuators with a diameter from 20 mm to 125 mm, in various variants:

  • Single-acting cylinders (spring extension and spring return).
  • Double action
  • Double-acting with a continuous piston rod.
  • Double-sided thrust cylinders are anti-rotating.
  • With a non-rotating transition piston rod.
  • With ATEX 2014/34 / EU certification, II 2 GD c T4 for hazardous areas.
  • With through hole in the piston rod.
  • Compact tandem cylinders

Seals available:

  • Polyurethane (PU): All our thrust cylinders are equipped with PU seals in the standard versions. It is a general-purpose material, resistant to mechanical damage and abrasion.
  • FKM / Viton: Recommended for high temperature operating conditions (up to 150 ° C). Available in cylinders up to 320 mm in diameter.
  • PU P5600: polyurethane seals with Food and Drug Administration certification. Available in cylinders with a diameter of 125 mm
  • NBR with TP-E liner: fitted with a dirt evacuation liner. Available in 320 mm diameter cylinders.
  • FKM / VITON with metal insert: adapted to very harsh conditions, equipped with a metal insert that removes all debris from the piston rod. Available in cylinders up to 250 mm in diameter.

Each actuator has a magnetic insert and works with piston position sensors (mounted in the T-groove)

Compact cylinders - technical data

  • Body: high pressure die-cast aluminum
  • Heads: aluminum
  • Piston rod: AISI303 stainless steel
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 80 ° (PU), -10 ° C to + 150 ° C (FKM / Viton)
  • Power supply: clean, lubricated or non-lubricated compressed air class 5 in accordance with ISO 8573-1: 2010