Atlas Copo OSC water-oil separators

Atlas Copo OSC water-oil separators

Atlas Copco oil-water separators are devices for the effective separation of oil from the condensate.

The multi-stage filtration used in them ensures appropriate condensate treatment, in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection regulations.

Free-standing OSC-type water-oil separators are unique, patented by Atlas Copco technology of multi-stage oil separation from condensate using oleophilic and carbon filters.

OSC separators can clean all types of condensate from oil in any compressed air installation system.

They ensure high quality of work with minimal maintenance.

Advantages of OSC oil-water separators:

  • The use of the separator allows cleaning of the condensate to the level of oil below 15 mg / l, thus meeting the requirements of environmental protection regulations and the ISO 14000 standard.
  • The treatment of condensate by means of separators is more profitable than the disposal of condensate by specialized companies.
  • The devices enable easy separation of many types of condensate.
  • They ensure efficient removal of condensate from installations with a wide flow spectrum.
  • No external oil tank.
  • Easy and quick service.
  • Easy and quick assembly.