Electric straight screwdrivers

Electric straight screwdrivers

Straight electric screwdrivers

Low-voltage electric screwdrivers with an automatic shutdown system and a power supply for long-lasting operation.

Advantages of the screwdrivers:

  • High stability, insensitive to voltage surges.
  • A technologically advanced DC motor, with a high-quality, very strong magnet, low power consumption, and a stable number of revolutions.

  • Shock-absorbing handle design translates into exceptional maneuverability and operator comfort.

  • Wide range of torque adjustment.

  • Smooth, efficient operation .

  • External brush replacement facilitates maintenance of the power tool.

  • Perfect for mounting office equipment, computer components and peripherals (printers, scanners).

  • Optional torque setting locking ring and soft start system available.

  • CE certificate, alt alternatively ESD housing.

  • Torque accuracy ± 3%.

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