Straight pneumatic grinders | Pneumatig Store

Straight pneumatic grinders | Pneumatig Store

Pneumatic straight grinders are the most popular grinders available, designed for grinding wheels. Straight grinders have an air connection on the back or in the upper part of the housing, some of them also have a grinding wheel guard. The straight grinder is operated either by a lever or a knob on the handle.

The available pneumatic straight grinders support grinding wheels (as well as wheel brushes) with diameters from 75 mm (eg [model ST-7780L] (product / 1802)) up to 150 mm ([ST-7680H] (product / 1828) or [ST-7680] (product / 1826)) (they have different spindle sizes). Their speed range is from 5,000 to 12,000 rpm.

Straight grinder - adapted to work in difficult conditions

Straight pneumatic grinders are used in the metal industry, shipbuilding, shipbuilding and construction. They are used in places such as: shipyards, forges, foundries, metal factories, and craft workshops. They are used to remove corrosion, clean metal surfaces, and finish welds (eg after welding steel structures in construction). Their simple shape allows you to reach places that are harder to reach (especially when we use a disc brush), and at the same time increases ergonomics and freedom of use.

Each Sumake straight penumatic grinder is very durable and solid. They have been designed so that they can work even in very harsh industrial conditions, where they may be exposed to scratches, impacts, shocks and the ubiquitous dust and dirt. A pneumatic straight grinder should undergo regular maintenance, in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. In particular, remember to provide adequate lubrication. For pneumatic tools we recommend [VG 32 oil] (

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