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  1. Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10 compressor
    EUR 1,427.80 EUR 1,160.81
  2. Atlas Copco LFX-1,0-10 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1,0-10 compressor
    EUR 1,576.32 EUR 1,281.56
  3. Atlas Copco LFX-1,5-10 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1,5-10 compressor
    EUR 1,853.00 EUR 1,506.50
  4. Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10-20 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10-20 compressor
    EUR 1,982.00 EUR 1,611.38
  5. Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10-50 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10-50 compressor
    EUR 2,054.14 EUR 1,670.03
  6. Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10 compressor
    EUR 2,120.73 EUR 1,724.17
  7. Atlas Copco LFX-1.0-10-20 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1.0-10-20 compressor
    EUR 2,210.20 EUR 1,796.91
  8. Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10-100 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-0,7-10-100 compressor
    EUR 2,336.19 EUR 1,899.34
  9. Atlas Copco LFX-1,0-10-50 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1,0-10-50 compressor
    EUR 2,352.26 EUR 1,912.41
  10. Atlas Copco LFX-1,5-10-50 piston compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1,5-10-50 piston compressor
    EUR 2,447.47 EUR 1,989.81
  11. Atlas Copco LFX-1,5-10-20 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1,5-10-20 compressor
    EUR 2,455.70 EUR 1,996.50
  12. Atlas Copco LFX-1,0-10-100 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1,0-10-100 compressor
    EUR 2,587.03 EUR 2,103.28
  13. Atlas Copco LFX-1.5-10-100 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-1.5-10-100 compressor
    EUR 2,681.87 EUR 2,180.38
  14. Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10-20 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10-20 compressor
    EUR 2,869.74 EUR 2,333.12
  15. Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10-50 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10-50 compressor
    EUR 2,911.32 EUR 2,366.93
  16. Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10-100 compressor
    Atlas Copco LFX-2.0-10-100 compressor
    EUR 3,512.12 EUR 2,855.38

16 Items

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Atlas Copco LFX oil-free piston compressors

Atlas Copco low-capacity reciprocating compressors are reliable devices that deliver oil-free compressed air to consumers with low air consumption. The LFx models are characterized by high energy efficiency thanks to the patented "Super-flow" technology at the inlet to the compressed air system.

The capacity range of the LFx compressors is 1.02 to 2.53 l / s (2.16 to 5.36 cfm). The power supply can be 1- or 3-phase and the maximum operating pressure is 10 bar (145 psi).

Atlas Copco LFX Series Piston Compressor

  • Easy assembly - The small dimensions of the LFx models greatly simplify the assembly process. The LFx models can run as standalone devices or be integrated with any third-party product.
  • High reliability - Thanks to the unique, robust design and the optimal combination of high-quality materials, LFx compressors have greater efficiency and a longer service life.
  • Completely oil-free air guarantee - all LFx piston compressors provide completely clean air in accordance with ISO 8573-1, certified as CLASS 0 (2010).
  • Easy to Maintain - All components and service items are easily accessible, and LFx compressors do not require oil changes.
  • Quiet operation - LFx compressors are equipped with a soundproofing housing as standard, so that the noise level is as low as 62 dB (A). As a result, compressors can be installed close to compressed air consumers.

Class 0 certification guarantees zero risk of air pollution, zero risk of product contamination, zero risk of losses due to production downtime and zero risk of compromising the company's good reputation in the market. In 2006, Atlas Copco was the first manufacturer to receive this certification for an oil-free compressor.