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Beko Öwamat - Separators - Condensate separation

Beko Öwamat - Separators - Condensate separation

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Automatic BEKO - ÖWAMAT condensate separators

ÖWAMAT devices, which have been produced by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES for over 25 years, are optimally adapted to the specific operating requirements.

The consistent process of modernization and improvement of products, especially the current generation, has set standards in this industry.

ÖWAMAT devices are renowned for their cost-effectiveness and operational reliability:

  • Compact dimensions of the device.
  • Zero energy costs.
  • The quality of the water after separation allows for its direct discharge to the sewage system
  • Maintenance has been kept to a minimum.
  • Return on investment after a few months.
  • The efficiency of ÖWAMAT devices is increased by 90-125% compared to traditional devices.

Advantages of the ÖWAMAT oil-water separators

  • Condensate flow from three different directions: In the latest generation of ÖWAMATs, a special design allows the direction of the condensate flow to be freely adjusted.
  • Suitable for reciprocating compressors: ÖWAMAT separators can also separate the condensate from reciprocating compressors.
  • Convenient cartridges: Allow for quick and clean filter replacement.
  • Extended Service Intervals: Synchronize the maintenance with the compressor inspection.
  • Reliable operation: The new compression chamber is designed to ensure a smooth flow of condensate.
  • The oil tank is equipped with an anti-overflow function, ensuring reliable operation of the device
  • Optional heating system; It is possible to install the heating system while the unit is in operation, without emptying the separation tank.