Pneumatic Screwdrivers

The use of pneumatic screwdrivers on the production line is undoubtedly the best and most rational solution. Special industrial screwdrivers can be used for continuous multi-shift operation and are designed for ergonomic use.

Depending on the needs, the different models also offer different facilities such as push-to-start or shut-off systems. All of these benefits of air screwdrivers have a positive effect on comfort and reduce operator fatigue while increasing overall productivity.

Pneumatic screwdrivers in our store are manufactured by the SUMAKE company with which we have been cooperating for many years.

SUMAKE is ISO 9001 certified, an extensive QC (Quality Controll) department, all their products (both compressors and pneumatic tools) are CE certified.

The most interesting solutions used in Sumake pneumatic screwdrivers:

  • System - Push to start / Pchający Start
  • This system is a very popular and very useful solution that allows for extremely precise control of the moment of starting the tool.
  • It starts up automatically only after the bit is pressed against the screw. The use of the trigger is completely unnecessary.
  • There is also a variant where it is necessary to press the bit and press the trigger.
  • System - Shut off Clutch

A screwdriver with a shut-off clutch immediately shuts off the air supply when the set torque is reached. This solution is recommended when screwdriving takes place in materials with a constant density over the entire surface and a specific torque is required for screwdriving.

An alternative to the above system is a pillow type clutch. Also used on screwdrivers with adjustable torque, but in this case braking occurs when this torque is reached. The screwdriver begins to tear and the tip pulls the screw out until it is possible.

The different series of bolts have one or more of the above features. It is worth paying attention to this because, depending on the specifics of the industry and user needs, some of these solutions will certainly be more useful than others.

Continuing the industrial thread of Sumake screws, the innovative solutions used in the various series should be mentioned.

First and foremost, the patented spider clutch system keeps vibrations low and torque variation low (± 3%), as well as the MCL cross-control system used in engines, which increases power by 30% over conventional solutions. Industrial screwdrivers also have a greater torque range compared to conventional models.

The comfort of working with industrial screwdrivers is of key importance, especially from the operator's point of view. Sumake has traditionally placed a great deal of emphasis on ergonomics, knowing that these screwdrivers often run 24 hours a day in multi-shift operation.

In their tools, they use many different types of amenities that increase the comfort and convenience of work. From the reduced weight of the tool through the use of special composite materials, to the extremely comfortable, specially designed ergonomic handle made of thermoplastic elastomer, a material famous for its unique anti-slip properties.

Pneumatic screwdrivers - specification

In addition, you can conveniently adjust the torque, quickly change the direction of rotation, flexibly connect the air supply and reduce vibrations. Along with the change of technology, obtaining new patents or modernization of production lines, Sumake introduces a new series of tools (although the old ones are still produced).

It is no different with industrial screwdrivers.

  • Straight screwdrivers with a shut-off system (detachable after reaching the specified torque), available torques (depending on the model) from 0.1 Nm to 24 Nm.
  • FP - activated by pressing the pressure bit (push-start). The CP series of straight screwdrivers.
  • FL - lever operated with a lever. Successor to the CL series.
  • FA - straight screwdrivers, lever actuated. CA Series Equivalent.

Pistol screws

  • APP - pneumatic pistol screwdrivers equipped with a push to start system (triggering by pressing the bit) or alternatively with a trigger
  • APP - Pneumatic pistol screwdrivers equipped with a push to start system or alternatively a trigger requirement (APPT then marked). The trigger can be blocked. Torque range (depending on the model) from 0.3 Nm to 28 Nm. Deactivation when a certain torque is reached.
  • ABP - traditionally activated by pressing the trigger (alternatively, press start, code ASP). Deactivated when set torque is reached. Various air intake configurations are available.
  • ADPN - Direct Drive model with trigger, torque from 5Nm to 13Nm. Turnbuckles with "damped" clutch. They achieve torques from 0.5 Nm to 13 Nm (adjustable, depending on the model).
  • ACP - push-start model (equivalent to the screwdriver series).
  • ACPN - Only activated by pressing the trigger.

Our range of products also includes Torque Meters, a diagnostic device that allows you to determine the appropriate torque for screwdrivers.

If you need help in choosing the right pneumatic screwdriver for your pneumatic system, please contact our sales advisors.