Condensate drains

We offer condensate drains, mechanical float, electric (automatic) condensate drains from installations, filters, refrigeration dryers, compressed air after coolers, compressed air separators and tanks.

Application of mechanical condensate drains:

  • Condensate drain from the pressure, expansion vessel.

  • Condensate drain from the pneumatic system.

  • Condensate drain from cyclone separators.

  • BEKOMAT specification

    The new generation of BEKOMAT drains is the result of over 25 years of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES experience. These are innovative solutions that bring invaluable benefits to users.

    BEKOMAT combines new solutions and continuous improvement of the design.

    Even greater reliability, fast and easy operation and inspections that do not require time - BEKO TECHNOLOGIES managed to achieve these goals with new market tubing consisting of only three parts connected with quick couplings.


  • Drain condensate from pressure expansion vessel.

  • From refrigeration dryer.

  • From air cooler - free-standing or mounted in a compressor.

  • Drain condensate from the pneumatic system.

  • Drain condensate from the air filters.

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  • Condensate drain from cyclones.

  • Atlas Copco specifications

    Using electronically controlled Atlas Copco EWD condensate drains means safe, reliable and economical with Condensate management.

    The intelligent drain system allows you to monitor the deposition of condensate thanks to liquid level sensors and remove it only when needed, avoiding compressed air losses and saving significant energy consumption.

  • The Atlas Copco EWD drain device ensures safe and reliable operation, enabling all condensate disposal problems to be solved, even in very polluting installations.

  • The whole family is available Atlas Copco EWD drains designed for oil contaminated condensates.

  • Additionally, they can be provided with a hard coating suitable for oil-free or aggressive condensates.

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  • Drain condensate from the pressure expansion vessel.

  • From the refrigerant dryer.

  • From air cooler - freestanding or mounted in compressor.

  • Condensate drain from the pneumatic system.

  • Condensate drain from the air filters.

  • Condensate drain from the separators cyclones.