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  1. Atlas Copco GA 7 VSD + screw compressor
    Atlas Copco GA 7 VSD + screw compressor
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    Atlas Copco GA 11 VSD + screw compressor
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Atlas Copco GA VSD screw compressors

Variable Speed Drive Screw Compressors - VSD (Variable Speed Drive)

Ever since Atlas Copco launched the first variable speed drive (VSD) compressor fifteen years ago, an increasing number of customers have embraced and benefited from this technology.

VSD - automatic engine speed control VSD system regulates the compressor engine speed so as to maximally adjust its performance to the current demand for compressed air.

Thanks to this, the customer pays only for the amount of compressed air that he actually uses and that he needs.

VSD technology brings savings of up to 35%. Investing in VSD solutions is an economically rational solution, and at the same time beneficial for the environment.

The 4th generation of compressors using this innovative technology is now in production, with a wide range of options available:

  • Pack - basic version
  • Full Feature - version with integrated refrigerant dryer

Compressor suitable for installation directly at the point of air intake. A wide range of available power (from 5.5 to 900 kW) combined with many years of experience make Atlas Copco a leader in its industry.

Operation Atlas Copco GA VSD series compressor

The operation of the variable speed drive is as follows.

The electronic controller ELEKTRONIKON compares the pressure value programmed in it with the pressure value in the network

If, due to the increased air consumption, the pressure in the network starts to drop, the engine speed is automatically increased and the efficiency of the air supplied by the compressor increases.

On the other hand, when the demand for compressed air decreases, the system automatically reduces the engine speed and the amount of supplied air is reduced. VSD compressors ensure a smooth engine start, the so-called Softstarter.

The pressure transducer used in them meets the requirements of 89/336 / EEC regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It is not sensitive to electromagnetic fields from other devices, and it does not emit such radiation itself, which makes it completely safe and can cooperate with other electrical and electronic devices.

In most production processes, the consumption of compressed air varies depending on the time of day, day of the week or even depending on the month of the year.

By using groundbreaking Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, which matches the compressed air flow to the actual consumption - Atlas Copco allows you to make significant savings in your total energy cost.

Variable efficiency and controlled cost is a great advantage of these compressors.

VSD, or variable displacement drive, adjusts to the current demand for compressed air by adjusting the engine speed accordingly. By precisely regulating the pressure in the network, energy consumption during the production process has been minimized and thus energy costs are reduced.