Jigsaws, saws and files

Jigsaws, saws and files

In the jigsaws, saws and files category we have included a whole range of different tools for sawing, cutting, machining, cutting, deburring and engraving. It is a common category for many different tools that can be applied (depending on model and function) to different types of materials (including aluminum and steel). Pneumatic jigsaws lead the way here.

Common features of a pneumatic jigsaw, saw and file

All tools are produced by our proven partner, Sumake, which places great emphasis on ergonomics in its products work. Most of the tools have special solutions that reduce the level of vibration and noise, as well as increase the comfort of their use. Pneumatic jigsaws, saws and files have comfortable handles and a rotating air connection. Each of them also shows increased precision.

Pneumatic engravers

This category includes not only pneumatic jigsaws. We can also place professional pneumatic engraving machines here.

The ST-909A model is especially noteworthy, as it works at a staggering speed of 30,000 strokes per minute!

Pneumatic saws

Among the pneumatic saws we can especially mention two models: professional models ST-66002 (aluminum housing) and ST-66005 (plastic housing). These saws feature a special vibration reduction system. Both are very light and allow high precision of cutting steel (2 mm) and aluminum (3 mm) sheets. The pneumatic saw is intended mainly for industrial applications.

In addition, the offer also includes a pneumatic jigsaw for windows and a very affordable, universal pneumatic circular saw for 3 ″ saw blades.

You need advice?

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