FESTO - proven solutions for pneumatics

The FESTO company is a market leader in the pneumatic components industry. The solutions it offers are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship, versatile use and innovative designs. The company boasts a very wide range of products, in which you can find both an assortment for the pneumatics industry and for other industries - such as e.g. industrial automation, robotics and mechatronics. These are areas that are constantly evolving year by year - FESTO always tries to follow the latest trends, offering its customers only the most modern solutions.

FESTO - the leader of innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation

FESTO is a leading producer of industrial automation solutions. Every year, it supplies the world market with about 100 new products of the highest quality. The company boasts over 2,600 patents, which are the best proof of how important innovation is for it. FESTO also develops over 10,000 applications each year, which are designed with the needs of customers from various industries in mind. The company is an absolute leader on the market of industrial automation and pneumatics - over 40 years of experience, numerous patents and the latest technologies make FESTO products a top-shelf choice. Modern microprocessors, FESTO actuators and valves are a proven method for intelligent pneumatics.

FESTO are solutions combining pneumatic technology and electric drives that ensure maximum productivity in areas related to industrial automation and automation of individual processes. Products from this manufacturer can be purchased both directly online and from a trusted dealer.

How did it start? The history of FESTO in a nutshell

FESTO now boasts numerous branches around the world. It is a company that is known to many companies and customers, but this was not always the case. The origins of the concern go back several dozen years - a lot has changed since then.

The history of FESTO began in 1925. It was then that the company was founded in Germany by a certain Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Ferez. The name of the company was created from the initial members of their surnames. In the first stage of the company's development, it focused mainly on the production of woodworking equipment, but over time, ideas related to the extension of the offer appeared. The Stoll family took over the company and remains so today. The profile of activity has been significantly changed and expanded, so that now the FESTO offer includes many innovative solutions for numerous industries. Pneumatics elements, which are considered to be one of the best and most effective on the market, are very popular among customers.

The turning point in history was the 1990s, when FESTO launched its proprietary solution, which was a modern barrier island. Today it is a standard in the automation industry, without which it is difficult to imagine the functioning of the most complex systems. However, the list of technological novelties from FESTO did not end there. The 1990s were also a period when the company strongly developed various types of mechatronic systems that integrated such fields as pneumatics, electrical engineering and IT. The natural consequence of the company's development was also a huge increase in interest in the offer. More and more people became interested in the business profile of this concern, thanks to which FESTO gained a very large number of customers in a relatively short time.

From the very beginning, the company attached great importance to continuous development. The main goal was to expand the business, and thus attract newer and newer customers. Today it is safe to say that she has succeeded in doing so. Due to the fact that the offer includes solutions such as electric drives, the company is now present in 176 countries and boasts 33,000 catalog products.

FESTO - pneumatics for industry

Pneumatics is one of the many fields of science and technology, which is distinguished by the fact that it is constantly evolving from year to year. More and more modern solutions in this field appear on the market, and FESTO is the best example of this. The company offers its customers many innovative pneumatic products, the principle of which is based on the flow of compressed air. Most of them are elements commonly used in pneumatic drive and control technology. In a pneumatic drive, the point is to set the mechanisms of machines and devices in motion using the energy of compressed air or other gas, while pneumatic control is a technique in which the parameters of the system are influenced in a specific way by means of a medium that is an information carrier.

Comprehensive pneumatic solutions from FESTO

FESTO is a global manufacturer of pneumatic components for industry. The company offers its clients comprehensive solutions that are characterized by reliability and a modern approach to the changing world. FESTO pneumatics are products of the highest quality that can be used to build advanced industrial automation systems in cybernetics, mechatronics and industrial robotics. When browsing the FESTO company's offer, pneumatics should be something worth paying attention to in particular. Dedicated solutions will certainly interest customers from many different industries, such as automotive, fuel, pharmaceutical, food, paper, furniture and many other industries. In addition, FESTO also has something to offer for slightly more unusual industries. This is primarily about solutions that have been designed for use in difficult conditions, i.e. those in which the products will be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, chemical factors and many other unfavorable circumstances. FESTO pneumatics are innovation, and at the same time reliability, durability and great versatility.

FESTO - actuators

FESTO 's offer includes many advanced models of pneumatic actuators that are used in various industries. The actuator is a universal and extremely effective mechanical device, without which it is difficult to imagine modern automation.

FESTO pneumatic cylinders - where are they used?

FESTO pneumatic cylinders are proven devices that can be used in many industries. Most often you can meet them in various types of industrial machines as well as in automation and robotics. FESTO actuators are solid components that are offered in various sizes, so they can be adapted to the individual needs of each client. Pneumatic cylinders use the energy of compressed gas, most often air, to generate force. They are actuators with which individual machine components can be set in motion. A very big advantage of pneumatic actuators is that they use a clean and inert environmental medium. Therefore, they are not harmful to the natural environment, which should be of key importance to everyone nowadays.

The most important advantages of FESTO actuators

One of the most important advantages of FESTO actuators is their wide application. They are extremely versatile, and at the same time relatively simple and effective devices, which are perfect wherever it is required to generate a very large force or torque. Another advantage of using this type of solutions in industry is simple operation. They usually cooperate with many other components, such as valves, but with their integration there are no problems whatsoever. FESTO pneumatic cylinders are designed from scratch for the greatest comfort and ergonomics of use. An undeniable advantage is also the extremely simple method of mounting pneumatic cylinders - their housing is equipped with special threaded holes, thanks to which they can be easily mounted to any part of the machine. The working medium itself, i.e. compressed air, also deserves attention. Not only is it completely harmless to the environment, but also it is generally accessible, easy to transport, safe and resistant to temperature fluctuations. As you can see, FESTO pneumatic actuators have many advantages that cannot be ignored.

FESTO pneumatics - what types of actuators are there?

The offer of FESTO pneumatics is extremely wide - you can find many universal and dedicated solutions that will certainly be perfect for various applications. There are many types of actuators, and you will surely find all of them in the FESTO assortment.

Due to the design solutions used, there are piston, plunger, diaphragm, bag and tube cylinders. Another division distinguishes actuators due to changes in the force acting on the actuator. These are smooth acting, low-impact and shock-acting actuators. Due to the mode of operation, single-acting and double-acting pneumatic cylinders are distinguished. Other types include two-position, single-position, stepper cylinders, cylinders with linear movement of the piston rod or oscillating movement of the drive shaft, cylinders with one-sided and double-sided piston rod or bet rod type, and many other specialized types. Choosing the right actuator should be preceded by an in-depth technical analysis, because each of the above-mentioned types has a different purpose. What you should pay attention to when choosing are the diameter, range of working strokes, range of pressures and temperatures, and the type of seal used.

The most popular types of pneumatic actuators from FESTO are single-acting and double-acting. In the first variation, compressed air moves the piston in the direction where the greatest load occurs. Then, thanks to the mounted spring, the piston returns to its original place. In double-acting cylinders, the working medium is alternately supplied to two chambers. It acts on the piston which extends the piston rod. In order to hide this element, air is supplied from the other side of the pneumatic cylinder.

How are FESTO pneumatic actuators built?

FESTO pneumatic cylinders are characterized by a relatively simple structure, which largely translates into ease and ergonomics of use. Their construction includes elements such as front cover, rear cover, cylinder liner, piston, piston seal ring, piston rod, guide sleeve, seal ring in front cover and scraper.

The casing of pneumatic actuators is usually covered with a special epoxy paint, thanks to which these devices are even more durable and resistant to unfavorable factors. Moreover, they are perfectly protected against corrosion. A very important element of the FESTO pneumatic actuator is the seal, which is usually made of polyurethane, although in some cases it is necessary to use slightly more durable materials. Undoubtedly, the most important element of these devices is the pneumatic piston, made of polyoxymethylene or aluminum. The pistons are additionally equipped with special magnets, thanks to which it is possible to use BSPT position sensors. It is also worth noting that all of the available FESTO actuators are manufactured in accordance with the international dimensional standards: ISO 15552, ISO 6432, VDMA 24562, ISO 21287 and DIN.

What else can be found in the company's offer?

The FESTO company can boast of an extremely rich assortment, in which you can find many modern products. Using the available elements, it will be easy to build even the most advanced control systems using pneumatics, electric drives, electronics and innovative control systems.

The offer of the FESTO company includes not only advanced pneumatic actuators, but also valves, i.e. professional distributors and function valves, which are used to control the movement of pneumatic drives. Another available solution are valve terminals, i.e. advanced control systems that consist of a pneumatic part and an electronic or electric control part. The assortment also includes various types of devices used to drive and control electromechanical drives. We are talking primarily about motors and controllers. Specialized FESTO sensors are also available, which are mandatory equipment for every automation system. Other available products include vision systems, components for compressed air preparation, components for clamping, positioning systems, electromechanical drives, grippers and gripper jaws, handling systems, drivers and software and much more.

FESTO offers solutions that are both universal and dedicated to specific industries. Some of the available pneumatic elements have been designed for specific applications in which the equipment is exposed to unusual factors, such as e.g. very high temperatures, changing environmental conditions or working pressure.

FESTO pneumatics - solutions for the most demanding customers

FESTO actuators and other pneumatic elements are products dedicated to the most demanding customers. The offered solutions are characterized by reliability, effectiveness and an extremely wide spectrum of operation, thanks to which everyone will surely find something tailored to their needs. FESTO pneumatics are perfect for heavy industry, where very good parameters are required from individual system components. FESTO products can also be used in the construction, furniture, food, chemical and many other industries - there are no restrictions in this respect!

FESTO - technical support in the selection of elements

As an official distributor of FESTO products, we can offer our clients professional technical support in the selection of individual elements. Our specialists can boast of extensive experience in the field of pneumatics and broadly understood industrial automation, so they will certainly answer every customer question. We assist in the selection of devices, their technical parameters and the necessary accessories. You're welcome.