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Who are we?

Our company is one of the best known distributors of pneumatics in Poland. Nearly twenty years of work in pneumatics industry is a solid baggage of experience, which we use effectively to meet the needs of most demanding customers. We observe the pneumatics market and respond to our customers' needs in advance by introducing new products to our offer. We are a harmonious team of people combining technical experience, knowledge and passion, which resulted in an unconventional approach to each customer.


Our company offers a wide range of pneumatic equipment ranging from pneumatic fittings, valves, pneumatic tools, actuators, air preparation units to dryers and compressors. We are a direct importer of products. For many years we have been cooperating with reliable manufacturers.

How do we operate?

  • Dynamically - We respond quickly to changing market trends.
  • Flexibly - We easily adapt to the expectations of our customers.
  • Innovatively - We are constantly introducing new solutions and products.
  • Consistently - We always complete the task given to us.
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We maintain competitive prices and are open to negotiation. Thanks to large stock we guarantee delivery of goods to any place always on time. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide offer and competitive prices.


Our dynamic and stable development, as well as our attention to good contact with customers, has been reflected in several prestigious certificates and awards that we have received in various studies and competitions. Below we present their current list. See alsowhat makes us different.

  • Certyfikat dynamiczna firma
  • Certyfikat firma przyjazna internautom
  • Certyfikat przejrzysta firma

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