EUR 6.96 EUR 5.66
PTFE 8/6 PTFE cable
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Technical data:
  • Sales unit: meter
  • Outer diameter: 8 mm
  • Inner diameter: 6 mm
  • Temperature: -60 - + 260 ° C
  • Working pressure: 10 bar
  • Bursting pressure: 30 bar
  • Bending radius: 65 mm
  • Roll length: 100 m

One of the most important features of PTFE teflon hoses is their extremely low surface energy, thanks to which it has good lubricating properties and does not stick to any contaminants.

Another important property of PTFE teflon hoses is their high chemical resistance. They practically do not react or dissolve in anything except concentrated hydrofluoric acid, thanks to which Teflon hoses are used with aggressive media and in devices operating in extreme conditions.

The price is for one meter.

More Information
dimensions (outer diameter) [mm]8
dimensions (internal diameter) [mm]6
working pressure [bar] (one numerical value)dix
Bursting pressure [bar]dreißig
minimum bending radius [mm]sesenta et cinco
temperature range (two numbers with hyphen) [°C]-60 - 260
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