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4 x 2 polyethylene hose
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The price is for one meter.

The thinnest hose in our range of polyethylene hoses. The internal diameter is only 2 mm and it is on the entire length because the hose is calibrated. Perfect for use in specialized solutions. Due to their full resistance to water absorption, polyethylene hoses can be successfully used in aquariums.

  • Sales unit: meter
  • Outer diameter: 4 mm
  • Inner diameter: 2 mm
  • Working pressure: 21 bar
  • Burst pressure: 63 bar
  • Temperature: -10 - + 60 ° C
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SKU SN-PE-0402
Producent Hi-Tech
dimensions (outer diameter) [mm] 4
dimensions (internal diameter) [mm] 2
working pressure [bar] (one numerical value) 21
Bursting pressure [bar] 63
minimum bending radius [mm] 18
temperature range (two numbers with hyphen) [°C] -10 - 60
type polyethylene