1. You buy in a store valued by many customers.

    We have excellent references as well as opinions on the websites of the company.net and sklep24.pl from business partners and customers. The commitment and knowledge of our team are appreciated by our customers as well as manufacturers and suppliers of pneumatics. Our group of over 14,000 clients from Poland and abroad includes both state institutions, universities, as well as numerous companies and individual clients. Many of them quickly decide to cooperate for many years.

    What do you get? When you buy from Pneumatig, you gain a proven and reliable partner with whom you can establish fruitful cooperation for many years. Our team will provide you with assistance in selecting the necessary equipment, will try to solve your problems related to pneumatics and provide professional service.

  2. You know you won't overpay

    We offer low prices, discounts and the possibility of negotiation. Pneumatig is an important partner for many manufacturers of pneumatic devices. Our company is the official distributor and representative of companies such as Atlas Copco, YPC, Sumake, Hi-Tech, etc ... Thanks to many years of cooperation and large batches of goods, we can offer our customers very good prices. In addition, we offer you the possibility of negotiating prices and numerous discounts.

    What do you get? You get a new product with a manufacturer's warranty, always at a competitive price, which is often negotiable. Additionally, you can take advantage of our numerous promotions and discount offers appearing in our online store.

  3. You can receive the goods in 24 hours

    We have our own warehouse space. For many production companies, a failure on the production line generates large losses, therefore the purchase of a damaged element should take as little time as possible.

    Most stores do not have their own warehouses or they are small, so the average order fulfillment time there is even several days. Pneumatig has its own large warehouse filled with , , , , etc ... Thanks to this, most of the products are available immediately and are delivered the next day after placing the order. We act quickly because we value the time and interests of our clients . If it turns out that a given product is not available in stock, we make every effort to ensure that it is at the customer's as soon as possible.

    What do you get? You gain the possibility of completing the order even within 24 hours from its submission, if the goods you are interested in are available in our warehouse. If you are looking for a product that you cannot find in our offer, just call +48 882 085 669 and our sales representative will help you find a replacement or the element you are looking for.

  4. You are buying a new product with a manufacturer's warranty

    We specialize in the sale of pneumatic devices to large production companies and small workshops. Specialization in our case means that we have a full range of new pneumatic devices and consumable parts as well as expert knowledge about them. For years, we have been providing solutions of the best producers, tailored to the user's needs. Stores selling a more diversified assortment usually do not have enough knowledge to compete with Pneumatig in this regard.

    What do you get? You can be sure that you will get the product you need, from a reliable source and at a good price, covered by a one-year warranty and post-warranty care.

  5. You establish cooperation with a large, stable company

    We are a stable company with many years of experience in the industry. We have been operating on the pneumatics market in Poland since 1995. For many years we have been cooperating on partnership terms with the best suppliers in the country and abroad.

    What do you get? You benefit from a secure shopping experience from a large, well-established company, which keeps your purchases from Pneumatig safe.

  6. You can choose the perfect product yourself ...

    Our products have a detailed specification. We try to provide our clients with as much clear information as possible about a given product, so that they can choose the right element for themselves. However, if the characteristics of the product are incomprehensible, illegible or incomplete, our sales department provides professional advice. You will always find all specifications and certificates for our products on the download page.

    What do you get? You have the opportunity to independently select pneumatic devices to suit your needs, regardless of your knowledge in this field.

  7. ... or take advantage of free expert advice

    We offer free assistance in the advisory department. At Pneumatig, we only deal with pneumatics and employ real experts in this field. Our employees share their knowledge with customers every day, helping them choose the right devices for their needs.

    What do you get? If you want an expert to choose the right pneumatic device or installation for you, you can use our knowledge free of charge.

  8. You can repair your tools and compressors with us

    We have a company-owned service point for pneumatic devices. The Pneumatig company provides warranty and post-warranty service for the devices we sell. This gives us the opportunity to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of solutions used by manufacturers in practice. This knowledge serves us when advising clients. Having our own service allows us to complete the order in a short time.

    What do you get? You can have your devices repaired after the manufacturer's warranty expires, and you can use our knowledge when buying a new device or having problems with your equipment.

  9. You can make a purchase in the most convenient way for you

    We provide many forms of payment and delivery of goods. The Pneumatig.eu online store allows you to pay for the order by quick transfers from over 30 banks, credit cards, cash on delivery or personal collection in the store in Gdynia. Such amenities often make customers choose Pneumatig as their partner.

    What do you get? You gain many forms of payment and delivery, at Pneumatig you can make purchases in the way you want!