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ÖWAMAT 16 separator
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Automatic separator; water-oil, condensate from the installation

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OWAMAT has been a tried and tested and continuously improved device for separating oil from water of the resulting condensate for many years. As it meets all the requirements, the water is fully purified and can be discharged directly into the wastewater.

(Journal of Laws No. 116 of December 10, 1991, item 503 on the classification of waters and the conditions to be met by wastewater discharged into water or into the ground) - Annex No. 2, item 46 \ "Petroleum substances max. Value 15mg /

Technical data:

  • Tank size: 228.4 l
  • Filling level with pre-separation: 158.8 l
  • Filling level without pre-separation: 137.2 l
  • Condensate inlet (connector): 3 x G 1/2 (di = 13mm) 1xG 1 (di = 25mm)
  • Water outflow (connector): G 1 (di = 25mm)
  • Oil outflow: DN40
  • Oil tank: 2 x 20l
  • Weight without pre-separator: 42 kg
  • Temperature min / max: +5 +60 oC
  • Max working pressure: 16 bar
  • Pre-filter: 37.2 liters
  • Main filter: 40.3 l


dimensions of ovam

AND B C. D E. F. G. H.
1158mm 1193mm 650mm 939mm 702mm 535mm 580mm 200mm
More Information
pre-filter [l]37.2
main filter [l]40.3
tank size [l]228.4