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Electronic, Automatic Condensate Drain ATLAS COPCO EWD 75

Electronic, automatic condensate drain ATLAS COPCO EWD 75

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The use of electronically controlled Atlas Copco EWD condensate drains means safe, reliable and economical condensate management. The intelligent drain system allows you to monitor the deposition of condensate thanks to liquid level sensors and remove it only when needed, which avoids losses of compressed air and saves a significant amount of energy.

The Atlas Copco EWD drain device ensures safe and reliable operation, enabling the solution of all problems related to condensate removal, even in installations with very high levels of contamination.
The entire range of Atlas Copco EWD drains is available for oil contaminated condensates. Additionally, they can be provided with a hard coating, suitable for oil-free or aggressive condensates.

- condensate drain from the pressure and expansion tank,
- from a refrigerant dryer,
- from an air cooler - free-standing or mounted in a compressor,
- condensate drain from the pneumatic system,
- condensate drain from air filters.
- condensate drain from cyclone separators.

Technical data for the following operating parameters: ambient temperature 35 ° C (95 ° F), relative humidity 70%
Connection: 1/2 ″ internal thread,
Working pressure: min. 0.8 bar to max. 16 bar,
Working temperature: 1-60 ° C.,
Can be used for both oil-containing and oil-free condensate.
- for a compressor with a maximum capacity of 5.9 m3 / min.
- for a refrigeration dryer with a maximum flow of 11.65 m 3 / min.
- for compressed air filters with a flow of max. 23.3 m3 / min.
Mounting position: only vertical, (the position of the handle can be changed vertically / horizontally)
Condensate drain connection: 1/4 ″ connections female thread - 8-10 mm conduit.
Equipped with an auxiliary manual trigger,
Control: 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz
Weight: 0.8 kg.
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